Sum It Up Sundays – 29 Nov 2015


Welcome to another thingy of Sum It Up Sundays. Got a fair amount of stuff to talk about today, as it’s been an interesting week on a few different fronts.

in Passions:

  • Listened to a few podcast episodes from Start Up Podcast, Addicted2Success, TwiStartups, and Coders’ Startup. Felt slightly enlightened after hearing what some of these guys had to say with regard to tailoring your lifestyle, making real connections with other people, and coming to the realisation that I’m in a special niche group of people whom have heard episode 10 of the Start Up Podcast before ever hearing about some super famous podcast called Serial. The host of the Start Up Podcast explicitly mentioned in this episode that if the listener was listening to that episode of Start Up without ever hearing about that Serial Podcast, to tweet at him since that’s super weird I guess. So I’m gonna tweet at him and say what’s up. Should be fun.
  • I started building my mailing list this week to keep people I care about up to date on when I release content across any platform. So far it’s just me and my girlfriend on the mailing list, but if you wanna be on there as well, check it out HERE!

in Projects:

  • I’ve pretty much finished the a web development course I’ve been taking over the past four weeks on Coursera. Just one last assignment to do and then I’ll probably never touch web development again in the foreseeable future. Maybe. Who knows. Reason I have this view on the subject is because I initially took this because I believed it would add some value to a project I’m about to start working on with some friends related to the restaurant industry, but it turns out that after meeting with them this weekend, my skills would be more valued on some front end Android development. So I’ll be starting that this week instead. Nice thing about taking this subject on instead leads me into my next point!
  • The iPhone app is basically two features away from being finished!!! That means that it’s just about time to start working on the Android version. The CEO wants the app to ready for SXSW in March so that we can hold a launch event and have the app available on both platforms. Hopefully we can crank out a pretty little Android version in time! I feel like this will go faster with me taking on Android learning and development in two separate projects, theoretically increasing my proficiency two-fold! Maybe. We’ll see. Again.

in Playlists:

  • I uploaded a new mix! You can give it a listen on MixCloud here. Funny thing about the mix is that it got cut short because my grandma called 15 minute in. I mentioned that on the description of the mix and posted it on my Facebook. THEN, my grandma proceeded to comment on my post and say sorry about interrupting it. I felt bad and told her that I would pause my music any time to talk with her. We laughed, we cried, we recovered, we good. I dunno if she went through that same series of actions, maybe that was just me.

Not bad right? What do we got going on for this week…

  • Record a new podcast episode, using my recorded interview with my friend from a couple of weeks ago.
  • Start the Android developer course that I enrolled in a couple months ago.
  • Exercise every day since I was feeling sluggish from the lack of exercise last week.
  • Keep meditating every morning or after work.
  • Be super productive both at work and at home.
  • Love life.

Seeya next time!


Sum It Up Sundays – 29 Nov 2015

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