Sum it up Sundays – 2015 Nov 23


Today is totally a Monday, but Sum it up Mondays doesn’t have the same ring to it. I’m a day late because I had a long weekend and was doing a lot of stuff which you are about to read about in the below section below this section below.

in Passions:

  • Did TONS of fun stuff with the girlfriend over the weekend since it was her birthday. Boardgames cafe, fancy restaurant, clubbing, family dinner, saw Kevin Hart. It was all awesome. I’m really glad I was able to be a part of what she deemed her best birthday weekend ever.
  • Got to visit with my mom and grandma over some lunch. They brought me a bunch of different kinds of salsa and snacks to help me out with cutting grocery costs while I’m out in the concrete jungle living on my own. It was really nice. I can feel the love and support no matter where in the world I happen to be.

in Projects:

  • Recorded one and half podcast episodes. A long-ish one with my friend in Calgary whom I’m planning to make some apps with, and a shorter one that I feel will be more true to the format of the show that I wanna maintain for all subsequent episodes with my friend back in Edmonton. The finished and uploaded episode can be listened to here. The other one hasn’t been edited yet, but will be up once I milk some plays outta the one from this week.
  • I’m almost finished my front end web UI course! By the end of this week it should be all wrapped up, then I can get more involved with Android and some backend web stuff with my other friend who’s been working in that area for way longer than I have. It’ll definitely be a fun and productive learning experience working with him.
  • I meditated each weekday last week in the mornings using the Headspace app and it went pretty well I think. Been able to manage my own stress a little better and keep a calm attitude for the most part. I’ll be continuing with their 10 day intro program this week.

in Playlists:

  • I haven’t formatted or discovered too much music this week which I don’t feel too proud about, but I was listening to the BPM satellite radio station in my dad’s truck for a bit and heard some new stuff I liked. Shamefully, I can’t even remember the track names or artists and didn’t have the chance to write them down since I was driving by myself.

Feels like a lot happened this past week, and even more will be happening in the weeks to come. Excite. Here’s what I’m looking at for this upcoming week:

  • Finish the web UI online course.
  • Meet up with my friends in Edmonton whom are working on a project of their own so I can see how they work and what they’ll want me to do help out with.
  • EAT. I’ve been told by my friends and family this week that I’m losing weight and I’m starting to look too skinny. Feels like I’ve been eating a lot but I guess it’s still not enough.
  • Keep learning and earning!

Thanks for reading! Seeya next time.


Sum it up Sundays – 2015 Nov 23

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