So happy to see you again for another instalment of Sum It Up Sundays! These posts are all about looking at the highlights of the past week and reflecting on the goods, bads, and setting some goals for the next week. Here goes.

in Passions:

  • Met up with an old friend over some shisha and caught up on what he’s been doing since I saw him last year. We had a very motivating and inspiring talk which ended up leading us to make a plan to get together each week and brainstorm ideas for our own productivity and success. The first weekly brainstorm meeting will be this upcoming week!
  • Chatted with my mom and my sister on the phone one evening about work, school, life in general. It was pretty nice. I can feel their support all the time, despite not getting to see them too often as a result of living in different cities.
  • Got to have a ~30 minute phone call with my girlfriend every day at lunch this week which felt really great. We don’t get to see each other for the majority of the week so this helped us feel more present and close, making the weekend start off on an ever higher note than before. even though she totally kicked my ass in every video we played together at a bar last night.

in Projects:

  • Made it through another module of my Coursera Web UI course. I’m starting to get more comfortable with HTML and CSS now. Also starting to get the feeling that my time may be more efficiently allocated in iOS and Android development instead. Seems like there are more effective tools online for making website creation simple and speedy like Square Space and the upcoming PageCloud, but not so much for making phone apps. I figure that I’ll just finish up this four-week course, then focus more heavily on apps.
  • Got through the Rich Dad Poor Dad audiobook. By the end, my views on a lot of aspects of personal finance and investing changed a lot. Not that I knew much about the subjects before listening, other than what you might passively hear from your parents or the news. I feel like I should discuss this in depth over a podcast episode. Something to bring up in my weekly brainstorm meeting, which conveniently leads us into the next point!
  • Weekly brainstorm meetings. This hasn’t happened yet, but it is definitely something my old friend and I have every intention of starting up this week. We plan to map out a bunch of ideas and either simulate or build them to see how they could help us with personal development and wealth creation. I’m very excited to start this since the interests and motivations of him and myself align on many levels, so I feel like it will be very productive and fun.
  • At work this week, I managed to integrate Twitter and Facebook account linking into our app. As things currently stand, there’s no real benefit for linking the accounts, but in the next couple weeks, we’ll be adding a lot of goodies for linking your accounts with us.

in Playlists:

  • Yellow Claw & Flux Pavilion – Catch Me feat. Naaz. I just heard this track like five minutes before writing this blog post and felt I had to include it. I can totally see all the white lights flashing and confetti cannons firing as soon as this drop hits you. Should I see a doctor about that?
  • Vanic X K.Flay – Make Me Fade. The song starts out pretty chill and airy, then builds up fast and hard, dropping into a huuuge Arabian Nights-vibe. Something about it makes me wanna hear it over and over. Sounds like an adventure.
  • ON AN ON – Drifting (RAC Mix). This song I first listened to within the app I’ve been working on at work. I like the mellow synth sounds. It goes well with the clean vocals and overall vibe of the song.

Cool! Decent week I think. What’s in store for this week?

  • Try to meditate every morning with this app I just downloaded.
  • Try out these foam roller exercises I randomly found.
  • Have a super awesome and productive brainstorm session with my friend.
  • Get through some more online coursework, specifically with the Web UI course, since that’s the only one out of the three I’m enrolled in that has real deadlines as a result of the peer-review aspect of the course.
  • Treat my girlfriend to an amazing birthday weekend, full of great food and great fun.
  • Learn as much as possible all the time!

Thanks for hanging out with me again in this week’s Sum It Up Sundays! See you again soon.



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