Sum It Up Sundays – 2015 Nov 08


Welcome back to Sum It Up Sundays, where I go through some highlights of the past week and set a few goals for the upcoming week. What happened last week?

in Passions:

  • Had a talk with my girlfriend about our future together. We laid out some milestones and both feel more comfortable with where we’re at and where we’re going now. I’d definitely recommend talking to your special someone about that if you wanna keep them around for a while.
  • Went dancing with my girlfriend and a few of her friends. I thought I wouldn’t really enjoy it since I haven’t been to a club in quite some time and had no desire to go back to one any time soon, but seeing her have a good time busting out all her best dance moves made me feel happy.

in Projects:

  • Designed a concept logo for a company my friend is building. It was kinda ugly-looking, but it could be shaped into something pretty attractive after a few iterations.
  • Picked up a new online course from Coursera called Front-End Web UI and Frameworks as part of a Full-Stack developer program they’re offering. It’s pretty interesting and helpful for someone such as myself whom has had no web development experience.
  • Progressed through a few more lessons in my iOS Developer course from Udemy and JavaScript course from Udacity. The JavaScript course is almost complete and I’m entering the music section of the iOS course. Exciting times ahead.
  • Added some big features to the iOS app I’m working on at my job. The founders really liked my work with week said it picked up everyone’s moods since they were having a rough week in other areas of the business. Felt good man.

in Playlists:

So what’s the plan for this week? Let’s see…

  • Keep on keepin’ on with my three online courses.
  • Work out at least three times before the weekend.
  • Do some Photoshop work on the logo I started and on a birthday card for my girlfriend.
  • Read into some design practises and philosophies in hopes of improving my eye for color and style in graphic design and UX.

That’s all for now! Seeya next time.


Sum It Up Sundays – 2015 Nov 08

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