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Today, I thought that I should write this post that I had originally set for myself to write last week. WTF Mr. BdonBits!? Sorry self, but better late than never, right? The objective of writing this is to list a few skills I have or am currently working on and explore some ideas to utilise these skills in such a way that will produce some cool stuff for random internet peepz and the rest of the world. What am I going on about? Let’s just dive in and we’ll see…


  • Making iOS/Android apps
  • Making websites and tools

Resource A1 – Tools

  • Laptop

Resource A2 – Learning

  • Online courses
  • Current job

Content Ideas A

  • Make iOS/Android apps for people
  • Make websites or web tools for people
  • Create a code blog for my solutions to encountered problems


  • Designing logos, cards, posters
  • Photo editing

Resource B1 – Tools

  • Laptop

Resource B2 – Learning

  • Online tutorials
  • Design blogs
  • Design communites

Content Ideas B

  • Offer free design services to friends/family/coworkers in order to build a portfolio
  • Put portfolio on imgur or create a website for the portfolio
  • Get involved in graphic design communities in order to get an idea of how to market
  • Advertise services on sites like Kijiji, Craigslist, Etsy, Pinterest, etc.

Skill C – DJ

  • Mixing music
  • Making mashups
  • MCing events

Resource C1 – Tools

  • Laptop
  • Controllers
  • Record pool subscription

Content Ideas C

  • Post mixes and post on YouTube, Mixcloud, Soundcloud
  • Create a YouTube channel to talk about mixing technique, philosophy, and new music
  • Advertise event DJ/MC services on classifieds websites

So, yeah. Those are the major things for now I guess. It’d be insane to make all of the ideas happen, but pretty interesting if I could start and maintain just a few. Plus getting paid to do any of these would be just so awesome. If you have any guidance on ramping up these skills or making them marketable, let me know!

Seeya next time,


Allocate It!

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