Fleeting Free Time


Let’s have a virtual standup. Here are some things that I’ve been up to over this past week:

  • Agreed the task of building a web portal for a friend where people can upload stuff into a database even though I’ve never worked on anything like this before.
  • Played StarCraft 2 for the second time ever. I was Protoss.
  • Learned some cool axe-throwing tricks. Bullseye.
  • Painfully refactored a large component of the app I’m working on at my job. All about that sustainable pace, yo.
  • Got a DJ gig at my cousin’s school for Halloween. Spin dat.
  • Learned a bit about accessing an iPhone’s permanent storage in Swift 2. Only like 150 more lecture videos to go until I’m finished with this iOS developer course.
  • Got a real bed. Thank you father of girlfriend for being so awesome.
  • Listened to a bunch of podcast episodes about entrepreneurship and wealth creation. Very motivating.
  • Signed up for dollar shave club. Shameless plug in T-minus 3.. 2…1. Get some insanely priced blades with my link HERE and hook me up with some free blades while you’re at it *thumbs up*
  • Signed up for a DJ record pool. This will make it easier to get some consistency happening in any mix shows I throw down. I’ll explore this in future post though.
  • Did a couple themed workouts. They were fun and only slightly painful. Tons of equipment-free options that you can do in an area with limited space.
  • Designed a Star Wars-themed birthday card for my cousin’s upcoming birthday. Hope he likes it. I definitely enjoyed making it. After I make a few more I might make a little portfolio of them and see if anyone wants me to make some for them. Sweet.

That’s pretty much it. Decent amount of stuff I guess. For this week here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish:

  • Pick up the Javascript front end developer course from Udacity that I started a couple months ago.
  • Write a blog post about my skill sets with the hope of sorting things out and prioritising what can be used to produce something.
  • Find some resources that will help me get started with the web portal building task I agreed to.
  • Go through some more iOS developer lectures.
  • Be an awesome software engineer at work
  • Do a few more themed workouts
  • Find a massage therapy place that does direct billing. Or figure out how to get reimbursed for massage therapy through my work benefits. My back has been killing me from sleeping on the floor over the past few weeks.
  • Have an awesome DJ set at the Halloween dance this Friday.

That seems attainable, right? Cool. Anyway, it’s your turn now. What have you been up to this past week? What are you getting up to this week? … I don’t expect any replies since I have like 1 follower which is myself. I’ve talked to myself online before, it got boring pretty fast… Hang on, if I quickly get bored talking to me, does that mean other people do too?! Am I a boring person!?! What do I do!!? … *breathe* Just breathe… Yeah. Cool. We good.

See you again soon,


Fleeting Free Time

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