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So, it seems like my stars of interest, motivation, and free time are all beginning to align to the world of voiceovers and podcasts. We’ll see how this keeps up over the next few weeks, but the idea of recording fun, interesting, or completely ridiculous conversations with my friends has been always been an exciting thought for me. I have some (maybe) decent recording equipment already from my DJing hobby, so it might not sound like too bad if I were to use it for podcasting or voiceovers.

I guess some things to sort out first would be to choose a couple of topics or an overall vibe for the podcast to have. Does the creator choose that, or do they just jump in and let the show shape itself over time? The second option sounds way more fun.

I just got into to a bit of investigation on the topic and have turned to voicebunny.com and the AskPat podcast on Soundcloud for some tips and tricks. Hopefully I can produce some cool stuff to share with everyone, or just have a really awesome time recording shows with my friends. I’ll keep you updated!

Talk again whenever,


Podcast Title

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