Kickin’ Off


My name is Brandon and I have some ideas. Let me give you some context first. This year I have been through a few things I guess. Got my BSc. in Computing Science, travelled Europe for seven weeks, got a job as a software engineer for a music and technology startup which provided some awesome training down in Los Angeles, and now I’m settling into a new apartment in a new city where I maybe know three people. I have a lovely girlfriend back in my hometown about 300km away, so I spend my weekends back there. Aside from work, during the week I don’t have much going on and I got student loans to pay, so I am looking to create some content for the interwebs to stay entertained by learning stuff about a few of my hobbies and interests like software development, graphic design, DJing, food, fitness, funniness, and mindfulness. If you would care to join me on this adventure, keep checking back to see what’s up.

Talk again soon,


Kickin’ Off

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